2018 AGM Minutes

Buchanness Radio Yacht Club

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting

For the Year 2018

Held at the Living Waters Meeting Hall, Peterhead

30 November 2018


Cathy Reid, Commodore/Sec Steve Herridge, Treasurer, IOM & DF Captain

Ian Thomson, Fifie Captain Brian Crawford Ali Law

Alexander Lemon John Moir Bill Reid

Brian Robertson David Ross

The meeting was chaired by Cathy Reid


1. Welcome and introductory remarks

Cathy Reid opened the meeting, thanking all for attending.

2. Apologies

Apologies were received from Carl Burrows, John Gildea, George Noble, John Owens, Steve Taylor, and George Whelan. Sadly, when offering his apologies, George Noble also announced that he was no longer able to sail and was resigning from the club; he wished all the skippers well for the future and said he would visit the reservoir when able to do so.

3. Minutes of the 2017 Annual General Meeting

The minutes were accepted as a true and accurate record of the meeting

4. Matters arising from the 2017 minutes

1. ICE Card up-date – it was decided that the medical details form distributed by John Owens, as Councilor for the MYA Scottish District should be used by all members on a voluntary basis and therefore the ICE cards would not be taken forward.

5. Appointment of Club Officials

Commodore/Secretary – Cathy Reid

Treasurer – Steve Herridge

IOM and DF Class Captains – Steve Herridge

Fifie Class Captain – Ian Thomson

There being no objections to the above continuing in post and all of the above being willing to continue in their current positions there were no changes to the Club Officials.

6. Treasurer’s Report

Steve Herridge presented the accounts as at September 2018.

Action: Ali Law is to arrange an external audit

7. Alteration to annual Club Fees

The meeting agreed the club fees would be – £30 for full members, £44 for family members, £16 for associate members, and £20 for Fife only members. All monies to be paid to Club Treasurer before 31 December.

8. Fifie Sailing Programme 2019

The programme will be similar to that of last year, commencing at 6.00pm on the first Tuesday evening after the clocks go forward, and ending in October when the clocks go back. It was also decided that, should there be favorable conditions on other days skippers would be contacted on the day and if there was enough interest sailing would take place. Skippers please keep an eye on your emails next year!

9. IOM Programme 2019

This will run from February to October, on the last Saturday of the month, with the top five results being counted.

Action: Steve Herridge to email out a calendar once dates have been checked

10. Dragon Force Programme 2019

This will run from February to October, on the first Saturday of the month, with the top four results being counted.

11. Club Sailing Report 2018

Please refer to the report provided for the MYA Scottish District AGM on 10 November and attached to these minutes.

12. Any Other Competent Business.

i) Living Waters do not want payment so Cathy Reid will send them a letter of thanks for the use of the Hall.

ii) A brief discussion decided that presentations would be made after the meeting.

iii) Ways of improving the grip on the launching ramp are currently being investigated by David Ross and Ian Thomson.

iv) Cathy Reid took this opportunity, on behalf of the Club, to recognise and thank Steve Herridge for all of his hard work for and commitment to, the club over the past year. Due very much to Steve’s attitude, helpfulness and flexibility (and doughnuts) Buchanness has become a club valued by all of its members, from the dedicated and competitive sailors to the more casual and social inclined member.

13) On completion of the AGM presentations took place.

There being no further business the meeting closed at 19:20.

Cathy Reid, Commodore/Secretary


Calendar For 2019


2nd – Frostbite – A wake up to the New Year with some sailing and eating of cake!

12th – Monthly DF65

26th – IOM Monthly



9th – DF65 Monthly

23rd – IOM Monthly



9th – Travellers 1 (Greenock)

16th – DF65 Monthly

30th – IOM Monthly



6th & 7th – SD IOM National Ranking (Levenhall)

13th – DF65 Monthly

28/4/19 – IOM Monthly



11th – DF65 Monthly

25th – IOM Monthly



8th – DF65 Monthly

29th – IOM Monthly



6th – IOM Woodies (Kinghorn)

13th – DF65 Monthly

27th – IOM Monthly



3rd – DF65 Monthly

10th – Travellers 2 + SD Championships (Buchanness)

24th – IOM Monthly



7th – DF65 Monthly

14th – SD Woodies (Kinghorn)

21st – IOM Monthly



5th – Travellers 3 (Tayside)

12th – DF65 Monthly

26th – IOM Monthly

January 2018 Report

This year started off with some team racing on the 2nd of Jan for our annual Frostbite event. This was the first year for a while where snow/ice was around making it a more apt name. The usual good fun and food was had by all.

Unfortunately, it has been a bad start to the year with various illnesses and operations putting some members out of action. We have, however, managed to get some sailing going, and with the help of the Aberdeen Sailing Club chaps we had up to 5 sailing most Saturdays. I don’t remember, though, having to use the number 3 rig so often in challenging but fun conditions.

We have had one new member join, Alan McKechnie, and with his Widget he is slowly getting into the racing fraternity.

A bad month for the DF65 fleet, but we are hoping when the weather suits to get those lovely little boats into the water.

Saturday the 20th saw a good turn out of 6 skippers, so we decided to hold an impromptu race day managing a total of 8 races. The weather was kind and mid No.1 rig though the odd flurry and gust did make an appearance. The results were :-
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Boat No. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Total Discard Result
Steve Taylor 43 1 1 2 2 2 1 2 1 12 4 8
Ian Dundas 38 3 4 1 1 1 2 1 2 15 7 8
Ian Thomson 76 2 3 3 5 4 3 3 4 27 9 18
David Ross 79 4 2 4 4 3 5 5 7 34 12 22
Steve Herridge 88 5 5 5 3 5 4 4 3 34 10 24
Alan McKechnie 36 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 7 49 13 36

Buchanness RYC Monthly IOM League Event

Buchanness RYC monthly IOM league

Thanks to all the skippers who sailed today it was a great day’s sailing and as the weather man said southerly 14MPH and gusting to around 18mph with bright sunshine and highish temperatures just ideal sailing conditions.

68 and 37 elected to go with number 2 rigs expecting the wind to grow by starting time, the other skippers went with their top suits and the wind did lie in between the two rigs at times.


At the first race the wind did come up and 68 took full advantage and led from the start and finished in number 1 spot however the wind faired for the next three races and 38 started to notch up the first places with 33 hanging in there race 4 saw 68 retire after and incident with 76 .in races 5 and 6 the wind came up again and 68 took full advantage to score two firsts with 33 getting a second and third.

After the break all skippers opted for number 2 rigs.

38 sailed consistent all day with 33 close behind however, 68 had to go home to see to his cat and missed two races probably should have stayed there.

As will be seen from the scores the leaders did not have it all their own way with 37 and 76 posting some fine scores.

All the skippers sailed in a sportsmanship manner and at the end of the day all went home (some to the KFC for coffee) with a smile on their faces

Wednesday coming we will be sailing DF65s